Dj Afro’s Will Work For Fun

Jose Luis Pardo, guitar player for los amigos invisibles has been also working as DJ/Producer DJ AFRO. He has remixed tracks for the likes of Soul Coughing, John Scofield, Fantastic Plastic Machine, David Byrne among others; has composed and performed songs for Louie Vega and Dimitri from Paris. He does most of Los Amigos Invisibles’ songwriting and he has become a known name in the latin dance scene for his work as composer, producer, guitar player and DJ.

DJ AFRO Will work for fun is a compilation of remixes he did for fun to colleagues that were looking for some dance touch to their songs. DJ AFRO’s flavor has made him one the most trusted names among underground latin producers. “If i like a song I want to get involved, doesn’t really matter if there is money or not, it just goes along with my need to make music everyday” says Afro about his remixes.

Featuring some of the big names of the underground scene in Latin America like Colombia’s SONORAMA, Chile’s C-FUNK, Dominican’s SANTO DOMINGO FUNK CREW, as well as DIMITRI FROM PARIS, soul star DEBORAH BOND and two DJ AFRO’s solo tracks; this record shows the love DJ AFRO feels for sweet and jazzy house music.