La Hora Cero Banda Sonora

The acclaimed soundtrack for the Venezuelan action/heist film, “The Zero Hour,” embodies a bold fusion of classic film scoring with traditional Latin American rhythms and instrumentation.

In addition to the score, the soundtrack includes original music by Grammy-award winning Cheo Pardo, Guatemalan prodigy Gaby Moreno, and Venezuela’s new rising star, David Mazzarri.

Interwoven with dialogue from the film, the score takes you on a roller coaster of emotions: from the tension filled urgency of percussion and maracas, to the swelling of tragedy and circumstance as embodied by the melancholy strings of the Venezuelan Cuatro (as played by Venezuelan legend Aquiles Báez). Expertly composed and mastered, this soundtrack is sure to please even the most discerning of listeners.

“The Zero Hour” is the highest grossing Venezuelan film of all time, and one of the few action/heist films ever produced in Latin America. The debut feature of director Diego Velasco, the film, and the soundtrack, embody the grit, violence and beauty that is Caracas.

mastering and mixing of dialogue sound FX and music for the teaser trailer of la hora cero