Mauricio Arcas percussionist from los amigos invisibles came out in 2003 with this killer cd boxing the house with Hollywood super star , model and venezuelan native Patricia Velasquez in the cover  !

lots of amazing artist are on this release .

01- Presentación 0:37
02- Something About You (Proyecto Uno) 5:37
03- You Gotta Make Me Doubt (Vside) 4:46
04- Toda La Noche (Charles & Sebas) 5:46
05- El Ultimo Beso (Maurimix, feat: Blanquito Man) 4:06
06- Te Quiero (Niñozeroes) 5:56
07- El Ascensor (Alejandro Gadicto) 1:30
08- La Gira (Maurimix, feat: Trece) 7:02
09- Aguántalo Ahí (Dr. Dos Malandros) 0:23
10- Latin Lover Japimix (Malanga) 7:16
11- El Regreso De La Vecina (Maurimix, feat: Chulius Groove) 3:56
12- Sucu (Maurimix, feat: Blanquito Man) 4:33
13- (Bonus Track) 5:45

Produced by Maurimix
Executive Production: Samuel Quirós & Mauricio Arcas
Recorded by Mauricio Arcas at Tropicalia Studios (New York)
Recorded by Eduardo Larez at Visionear Studios (Brooklyn, NY)
Recorded by Mario Carreaga at Tu Casa Studio (New York)
Recorded by David Pérez at Latin World Studios (Caracas)
Recorded by José Luis Pardo at La Casa Del Ritmo Studios (New York)
Recorded by Trece at La Cocina Studios (Caracas)
Mixed & Mastered by Eduardo Larez
Mixed at Visionear Studios (Brooklyn, NY)
Tropicalia Studios (New York)